About Us

Focus Fabrication LLC. based out of Woodstock ,CT is one of New England’s premier manufacturers of Precision Sheet metal and non metal products.

Focus Fabrication LLC. offers a unique blend of technical and production services. Our Staff has years of experience within the industry and will make sure your specifications and needs are met from the beginning design to the final finished product.

We aim to be as proactive as possible in the steps we take allocating resources to provide clients with a final product that adheres to their design intent, and goals. To our clients this means investing our time and resources into having the latest technologies and being proficient in using them to get the job done. In addition we employ and educate our staff in lean manufacturing techniques, and project path optimization, in order to provide the quickest turnaround possible.

With over 25 years of laser processing experience in the Aerospace , Automotive , Research & Development. Focus Fabrication will ensure the job big or small gets complete on time and on budget.